Carignan: half of our vineyard is dedicated to plantations of Carignan aged from 30 to 101 years. At once noble and peasant, typical and atypical, Carignan has been rediscovered in recent years by a new generation of winemakers.

    Emblematic of the Languedoc, she is generous with her yields in her youth, then measured and complex with age. She is at home here, with her love of the hot sun of this wild Cathar country. She thrives in poor soils, yet with her strength she stands up to the battering of the seven winds without trellising. She withstands summer drought and still find enough drops to fill her precious grapes.

    For Christopher Spencer, lady Carignan was a gustatory love affair. For winemaker Sébastien Bonneaud, a wild animal to be tamed. Pruned carefully in the gobelet form in winter, her grapes offer many possibilities to the skilled winemaker. Sébastien has tried them all. He finds Carignan as expressive of her terroir as Pinot Noir, and was one of the first in 2003 to make a 100% Carignan wine.

    He eschews carbonic maceration; traditional fermentation gives better results. The young grapes are great in blends. The oldest and best grapes are destemmed by hand and vinified in barrel for a notable and ageworthy Languedoc. It took Sebastien 10 years to perfect a rosé from Carignan, the “R de Spencer”. The unoaked Old Vine Carignan is the signature wine for Chateau Spencer La Pujade. Pure Carignan, pure Languedoc.

  • est situé dans le village de

    Château Spencer la Pujade
    Sébastien BONNEAUD
    1 A rue de l'Eglise
    11200 Ferrals les Corbiéres FRANCE
    Tél :+33 6 09 04 39 34
    Email : contact@spencer-lapujade.fr
    Web: www.spencer-lapujade.fr

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